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You’ve had a good time playing, but hold on a sec. Who were Adam & Eve? Do you kids even know their story, and how it relates to them? Time for a quick devotional!

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Get familiar with the story of Adam and Eve

Read the story in the Bible together, in the book of Genesis, chapter 3, from verse 1 to 24. For younger children, simplify the text as you read, and stop to explain difficult words.

Check their understanding of the story with those quick questions.

Who were Adam & Eve? Created by God. In His Image. First humans, living with God in Eden.
What did God tell them? They could eat of all fruits in the garden, only one was forbidden, less they die.
What did Adam and Eve do? Tempted by the snake. Disobeyed to the only rule and ate the fruit. Sin entered their hearts.
What happened then? Consequence of sin. Curse on all Creation. Expelled of Eden and separated from God.

Dig further in the text: talk about SIN.

What is sin? Disobedience to God’s good commands. We are all sinners from birth, inherited from Adam and Eve. It’s our fallen nature. We are enslaved to sin.
What happens when we sin? We grieve God. We are separated from Him, since He is holy. We must bear the consequences of our acts (death and/or immediate consequences). We are ashamed.
What can we do about sin? We cannot fix it ourselves, as the leopard cannot change its spots. Only faith placed in Jesus can cleanse us from all our sins and make us holy and pure before God.

Time to illustrate what we’ve learned!

Place two pieces of masking tape far enough apart that it would be impossible for kids to jump from one to the other. Take turns attempting to jump from one mark to the other. Explain that this illustrates our separation from God. We “fall short of God’s glory” because of our sin. No matter what we do, we can’t be good enough. Our sin keeps us from God’s perfect standard. Read Romans 6:23. Explain that the Bible says we deserve to die and not go to heaven because we can’t reach that mark. But God gives us the gift of eternal life and reconciliation when we put our trust in Jesus.

Always bring the children back to the Gospel

Just like Adam and Eve, we are sinners, we grieve God’s heart every day, and are separated from Him because He only is holy. But God created us, and he loves us, and so He sent His only Son Jesus, who voluntarily died on the cross, to bear the consequence of our sin in our place. He conquered death. He makes peace for us with God so that we can now call God our Father, if we believe. He calls each of us to repent of our sins, and believe in Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

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