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You’ve had a good time playing, but hold on a sec. Who was Noah? Do you kids even know his story, and how it relates to them? Time for a quick devotional!

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Get familiar with the story of Noah

Read the story in the Bible together, in the book of Genesis, chapters 6:5-22; chapters 7 and 8 (summarize!) and chapter 9:1-17. Simplify the text as you read, and stop to explain difficult words.

Check their understanding of the story with those quick questions.

Who was Noah? A man who believed in God and was righteous (a good man). He found favor in the eyes of God.
Why did God send the flood? The world was so filled with evil, that God decided to destroy humans, except Noah’s family.
What did God ask Noah to do? To build a giant boat, to save his family and one male and female from all species of the earth. It took him 100 years to complete the project!
What happened next? It rained for 40 days, and it flooded all the earth. Imagine water going up and up, until all the earth is covered, even mountains! All life on earth would die, drowned.
Did they come out of the ark? After much time in the ark, the water went down, and the earth dried. Noah’s family and the animals could come out and were saved, they thanked God, and entered a covenant (a commitment/ an agreement) with him, represented by the rainbow.

Dig further in the text: talk about OBEDIENCE.

Did God give an easy task to Noah? No. It was a huge project (155 meters long, 16 meters high, without machines), requiring hard work and perseverance for almost 100 years!
Does God give us impossible tasks? He always equips us (give us the tools we need) and supports us lovingly. It is a joy and an honor to serve the Lord with whatever He has planned for us.
People thought Noah was crazy. Was it important to him? Noah believed in God and His promises, it didn’t matter what others thought of him. His faith in God was the reason he obeyed (Read Hebrews 11:7).
What was the result of Noah’s obedience? Noah’s family made it to safety, and God made a covenant promise between him, Noah, and his creation, symbolized by a rainbow.

Time to illustrate what we’ve learned!

A faith trust walk can teach children to listen for God despite distractions and urgings to the contrary. In this game, someone plays the voice of God while someone else plays himself, a child of God. Other participants will play distractions. Set up an obstacle course consisting of obstructions such as cardboard boxes and stacks of books from one wall of the room to the opposite. Blindfold the “child of God” and position him at one wall. The person portraying the voice of God should use his words to help guide the child of God safely to the opposite wall. Other participants should use words (shouts!) to distract the child of God. This game teaches a child to focus on the word of God and to trust it, regardless of what others tell him

Always bring the children back to the Gospel

The story points us to Jesus, and our time today. The world is till the same, evil and rebel against God, but the calling is not to be rescued on a boat, but to be rescued by the cross of Jesus-Christ, who is the only way to salvation! There will be a day of judgment, but those who will have placed their faith in the Savior will be saved and live eternally.

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